About us

What we do

Creative Art Works CIC aim to unite people and give them a sense of belonging, whilst stimulating creative activity, exchange of ideas and building a strong community.

We focus on nurturing good mental health and well-being amongst our participants. We design imaginative group and individual creative challenges with the potential to make participants feel either calmed and focused or energized and motivated.

We celebrate and interact with nature through a range of environmental and nature -inspired activity that make us feel good and can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Our process is one of:

We create a happy and positive environment that engages participation, sparks imagination and stimulates the curiosity and interest of the group.

We draw on the experiences and ideas of the group to encourage communication and self-expression in a way that values each individual’s uniqueness and celebrates collective creativity.

We believe that by engaging in the creative arts, participants can discover and develop new skills and increased self-efficacy to achieve new goals. Group development is promoted through dynamic and creative learning in collaboration with local and wider communities.

Who do we support?

Creative Art Works CIC support: children, young people and adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; marginalised and under-represented community groups in and around Edinburgh, such as refugee communities, multi-ethnic communities, mental health support groups, the elderly, socially isolated and lonely groups, the deaf community, new Scots, interfaith groups and care experienced young people.

We collaborate with creative arts specialists and practitioners, educators, event and exhibition organisers, festival producers, service providers, park rangers, support workers and local councils.

How we make a difference in our community

We use a range of co-creative art initiatives to bring communities together, that may not necessarily have a reason to interact, in order to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation and bring people together with a common purpose. This is designed to increase mutual respect and cultural awareness, to encourage open dialogue and social discourse and develop new friendships.

Activities we carry out to fulfill our aim

Creative Art Works CIC deliver a range of arts, cultural and environmental activities to encourage creativity, imagination and a sense of achievement.

We set up visual art, music, written, spoken word and movement activities designed to help people de-stress and express or manage emotions in a positive and productive way.

We focus on creative activities which nurture good mental health and well-being and encourage the enjoyment and health benefits of the great outdoors

We work in a variety of educational settings including schools, galleries, museums, libraries and community centres and support hubs. We also work in outdoor public spaces and city greenspace such as town squares, parks, woodlands and nature reserves.

Our delivery involves collaborating with creative arts specialists and practioners, educators, event and exhibition organisers, festival producers, service providers, support workers and local councils.

Our responsibilities include all aspects of the creative process from concept and design to project management, delivery, volunteer support, documentation and evaluation.