Museum Services

Creative Art Works CIC, a Community Interest Company, provides a flexible, bespoke service that is ideally placed to support your in-house museum, gallery or exhibition team. We offer best practices in all aspects of collection decant and install. This can include documentation, handling, packing and movement, identifying materials at risk, creating appropriate solutions for the movement of complex, fragile, large and/or heavy objects. We also can offer a range of related disciplines that include exhibition research, creation and design, object cleaning and conservation, audience development, object photography and gallery education.

Creative Art Works CIC has the experience and resources required to adapt and respond to new demands as they emerge. Our team have extensive experience of working with museum collections and we are also experienced in training in-house staff and volunteers.  Whilst we are comfortable working “stand alone” we prefer to work collaboratively developing a close and constructive working relationship with in-house teams. Creative Art Works a range of museum and gallery services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Art Handling

  • Object installation within museum, galleries and other exhibition spaces
  • Assessing and packing museum/gallery collections for transport, storage and subsequent re-assembly
  • Making collections ready for decant and removal to temporary and/or permanent storage
  • Support in-house teams with the specifying, sourcing of suitable specialist crates/boxes/packing materials and storage containers for movement of all items including heavy sculpture, social or industrial material, fragile or breakable items, items sensitive to environmental changes etc.
  • Provision of object handlers/staff trained in the packing and movement of artworks and museum related objects and material
  • Create labelling and/or the instructions required for packing/unpacking and re-assembly (where appropriate)
  • Create and/or assist in the creation of associated documentation as required, in the movement of the collections. Allowing each item to be easily and uniquely identifiable, and its location trackable during the move and whilst in storage.

Object cleaning and conservation

  • Identifying and tagging objects in need of conservation or that require preventive conservation treatment.
  • Cleaning of objects before packing and/or before installation in refurbished spaces, as required
  • Preventative and remedial conservation

 Exhibition design and other related services

  • Exhibition research design, specifying and construction
  • Provision of temporary on-site photographic and studio document scanning facility
  • Photography as required for object labelling and identification during and after the storage process. Recording/illustrating of specific stages of object removal and packing (to assist in re-assembly process).
  • Archive-quality object photography
  • Onsite “progress photography”
  • Model-making, thematic decoration, 3D scenic design, creative display and hanging of objects/artwork for refurbished museum spaces.
  • Provide staff training.
  • Creation of web based catalogue/database of stored items.